Go Green

Elegant Pak Inc. Goes Green

Protecting and sustaining the environment for the generations to come is a huge priority as well as a responsibility. Most of our products are created with this in mind. The green leaf symbol identifies these eco-friendly choices.

Elegant Pak Inc. pioneered the environmental movement in the packaging industry, and is dedicated to being an agent of change for its customers.

Elegant Pak Inc. responds to the needs of our global crisis. When the public outcry and subsequent media frenzy were first heard, it became evident that just as the environment changes, so too will the packaging world. This fundamental reality was the birth of Go Green.

Elegant Pak Inc. is proud to express its commitment to the care of our planet, and considers ecological impact in every decision we make. Now, more than ever, the world has embraced the reality behind human choice and its correlation with our destiny. Go Green is the symbol of our pledge to clients and consumers.

Retailers are perpetually searching for environmentally sound solutions for their packaging programs. Our experience has allowed us to face obstacles and learn from them. We are confident in our ability to deliver the most eco-conscious packaging options in the most effective way.

Our dedicated Green Team has developed a full environmentally responsible range with eco alternatives available at every price.

We proudly offer:

  • Ancient forest friendly paper and cardboard for bags and boxes, including 100% recycled material
  • Paper alternatives, such as treeless stone paper and bamboo
  • Reusable bag options including cotton, PE, PP, woven and non-woven
  • Alternatives to lamination, such as overall embossing and biodegradable lamination

Eco- Friendly Even With Bags….


Reusing products whenever possible is even better than recycling them because the item does not need to be reprocessed before it can be used again. The true definition of a reusable item is something that withstands normal wear and can be reused many, many times.

Renewable Resources

This is the holy grail of conservationists. Any material that can be quickly regrown or replenished after harvest or use is a renewable resource. Identifying and using these resources, and reducing our depen- dence on non-renewable resources, is key to long-term sustainability.


These natural materials will eventually decompose and be reabsorbed by the environment. Cotton, paper, and tissue are the most common packaging products that are biodegradable.


Recycling involves taking a used item and reprocessing it into something else. New products are made of two main kinds of recycled content: PCR (Post Consumer Use materials) and PIR (Post Industrial materials such as scraps and trimmings). Many of our products fall into this category - look for the green leaf symbol throughout the catalog!


To take what may be otherwise a waste item and use it for another purpose.