About Elegant Pak Inc.

Elegant Pak Inc.

Elegant Pak Inc. is a custom packaging supplier that manufactures overseas a big variety of gift packaging. We've been selling them throughout USA and Canada to all kinds of markets from local retail stores to the large chains.

We produce and customize a big variety of Retail Bags, Reusable Bags, Gift  & Appareal Boxes, Tissue Paper, Ribbons etc.

We fulfill orders with a quick turnaround thanks to our most sophisticated equipment that allows us to produce high capacity with top quality.

All our products are “Eco-friendly” by using recycled materials with water based inks depending on the product and request of our customers.

Elegant Pak Inc. has a “Quality Control” during the entire process in all our factories to ensure the perfection of the product and that it gets to our customer without any problems.

Together with our “Designers Team” we were successful and able to create the designs for our customers packaging and make sure they make the right choice.

Our experienced personnel are dedicated to providing the utmost in personal service. We are “On Call” 24 hours a day- 7 days a week and can help you design a bag or box that best suits your needs. A full range of styles, shapes, colors, sizes and handles can offer a diverse choice of creativity.

In addition, We also carry a huge variety of packaging “in stock “in our warehouse which can be shipped within 48 hours throughout the Country. You can visit our website to see some of our products. Elegant Pak is the perfect choice when it comes to eco packaging as we specialize in manufacturing in a green enviorment and can provide a program which will be eco-friendly and affordable for the clients. Don’t hesitate to contact one of our sales team to book an appointment so we can review your needs and see how we can best serve you.


We hope you enjoy this site and looks forward to servicing you.

The Elegant Pak Inc. Team