Screen Printing

In this method a screen is used instead of a plate. Ink is pushed through a fine mesh screen to transfer the desired image to the product. It is our most versatile process because of its gentle and precise nature; and we can match any PMS ink color. Mul- tiple colors and critical registration can be accomplished on a wide variety of products. The ink we use is cured by UV light which creates a glossy finish. A matte additive can be used to remove the gloss; or a metallic powder can be added to the ink to create a brushed metallic look. Screens must be made on every order, repeat or new as the screen is reclaimed and used again. The film used to make the screens is stored in the file to be used on future orders.

Hot Stamping

This process uses a metal plate in combination with heat, pressure & duration to transfer the foil to the surface of the product, leaving the desired impression. The plate is kept on file for future use. Foil colors can be metallic, matte, or gloss. Each foil has a different backing to adhere to different substrates. Print- ing colors are limited to available foil from our suppliers. If a specific PMS color is desired, screen printing is the better option. This is the only method to obtain a true metallic image. Multiple color printing can be accomplished however foil should not overlap.

Flexo Printing

A rotary system using water based ink and a flexible plate which is mounted directly onto the printing cylinder. The plate is kept on file for future use. It is our fastest post-printing process and quite economical. Product options are limited to paper finishes for ink absorp - tion. Product with handles must be fixed like that of a twisted paper handled shopping bag. Bags with rope handles will not run well on this type of printing machine. Single color prints are best suited to this process. When printing multiple colors, registration cannot be critical due to machine variances.